Sunday, 23 October 2016

The old traditions on our rivers

The old tradition on Suceava River - SPRINKLING WITH DEW WATER

     Epiphany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the Baptism of Jesus. It is celebrated on the 6 of January. 
     In the morning, the women went to the nearest running water. They sprinkled with bunches of basil and said:
    ”Bună dimineața râu de rouă                                      ”Good morning dew river
     Am venit la apă nouă                                                 I came to the untouched water
     Dar n-am venit la apă nouă                                       But, actually, I didn't came to the untouched water
     Am venit la râu de rouă                                             I came to the dew water                              
     Am venit să mă jeluiesc                                             I came to mourn myself
     De toate relele să mă tămăduiesc.”                            From all the ills to heal myself.”

   Then, they throw away the bunches on the river in order to healing disease and scaring the evil from houses.